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Printing candle pad printing operation video
Project name:Printing candle pad printing operation video
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    HP-160YX floor-mounted oil-tank monochrome pad printing machine is a kind of oil-based pad printing machine designed for printing large area. It is a universal printing machine, which can be widely used in daily necessities, toys and electronics. , electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging in various industries.

This monochrome pad printer has the following features:
Sealed oil raft structure, high ink utilization; good working environment, reducing the smell of oily water.
The oil can be stopped on both sides and the printing speed is increased by one-fifth.
A five-digit automatic counter is built in.
The ink can be padded twice to obtain a thicker print film.
Adjustable time delay function for each position, adjustable printing speed to meet different printing requirements.
You can walk back and forth without leaving the glue to prevent the ink from drying out when you stop.
Positioning accuracy. The front, back, left and right angles of the workbench can be fine-tuned and fixed, accurate and stable.
Special shock absorber, the machine works very smoothly; speed scraper, superior performance.
The upper and lower strokes of the rubber head are independently adjustable, the speed is independently adjustable, and it is flexible and convenient.
The performance is stable, and the whole machine is controlled by the world's advanced microcomputer controller.
Two functional programs, single-cycle printing and full-automatic printing are preset according to customer needs.
Using the latest pneumatic components of Germany FESTO, the power is smooth and strong, and it is durable.
Thin steel plates can be used to reduce printing costs.
The alloy cast aluminum body structure is light and sturdy, and the precision structure is remarkable.
The operation panel adopts sensitive touch and touch, which can directly select the printing function to be quick and easy to use.
Technical Parameters:
  1, printing color monochrome
  2, single cycle can
  3, continuous exercise can
  4, the project count can
  5, speed adjustment can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  6, the delay of each part can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  7, printing speed 1600 times / hour
  8, the largest steel plate size (can be used sheet steel) 100mmX500mm (4 inch X 20 inch)
  9, the maximum printing area 70mmX300mm
  10, oil size ф90
  11, the degree of oily horizontal travel (adjustable) 400mm
  12, the maximum height of the workpiece 200mm
  13, the workpiece on the plastic head up and down (adjustable) 10 ~ 60mm
  14. The rubber head on the steel plate is up and down (adjustable) 10 ~ 60mm
  15. Front and rear stroke of plastic head 160mm
  16, drive pneumatic
  17, control system, microcomputer
  18, control voltage 12VDC
  19, power supply voltage 220VAC / 1 phase or 110VAC / 1 phase
  20, connection load 20W
  21, pneumatic supply 6bar
  22. Air consumption / cycle 2.1 L
  23, body dimensions 900mm X 775mm X 1420mm
  24, weight 116 KG
Machine cylinder pressure parameter table:
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