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Automatic round screen printing machine
Project name:Automatic round screen printing machine
Automatic round screen printing machine manufacturers
Market value:¥130000.00
Site price:120000.00
Product classification:Screen Printers
Product introduction


HS-260R-12 Hengjin precisesingle color 12 stations curve screen printing machine

Max frame size : 400*350mm

Max printing dia : ф35mm

Max printing height ; 200mm

Printing speed : 1500pcs /hour

Stations : 12

Dimension : 1500*1122*1623mm

Feature of this screen printing machine

1.single color printing , PLC program contral , man-machine interface digital system operation.

Provid multi-function set to achieve standardization, digitization and humanization of the perfect


2.12 stations with turn table , adopt precise Concave wheel slicer device.moving stability , speed fast .making the products from loading to printing carried out simultaneously. Not only save time , also improve efficiency .

  1. Deploy hot air dying system (uv drying system ), and automatic equipment

This machine can be widely used in comestic, car oil tube , ball pen , and round shape etc....

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