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High-precision semi-automatic flat/round screen printing machine semi-automatic screen printing mach
Project name:High-precision semi-automatic flat/round screen printing machine semi-automatic screen printing mach
High-precision semi-automatic flat/round screen printing machine semi-automatic screen printing machine manufacturer Semi-automatic screen printing machine operation process, screen printing machine manufacturer, high-precision high-quality screen printing machine, screen printing machine price is how much? Dongguan screen printing machine manufacturers curved screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine. For details, please call: 18922529913 QQ718391398
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Product classification:Screen Printers
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High-precision semi-automatic flat/round screen printing machine semi-automatic screen printing machine manufacturer Semi-automatic screen printing machine operation process, screen printing machine manufacturer, high-precision high-quality screen printing machine, screen printing machine price is how much? Dongguan screen printing machine manufacturers curved screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine.
For details, please call: 18922529913 QQ718391398
 The HS260R flat screen printing machine is a universal screen printing machine. Can be widely used in daily necessities, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging and other industries.
This round face screen printing machine has the following features:
Full-featured, it can print cylindrical surface, conical surface and large circular surface.
Each position is electrically eye-sensing, accurate in position and excellent in performance.
The performance is stable, and the whole machine is controlled by the world's advanced microcomputer controller.
Two functional programs, single-cycle printing and full-automatic printing are preset according to customer needs.
Using the latest pneumatic components from Germany's FESTO and Japan's SMC, the power is smooth and durable, and durable.
The operation panel adopts sensitive touch system, and the function program can be directly selected, which is quick and easy to use.
Technical Parameters:
  1, printing color 1 color accuracy is plus or minus 10
  2, single cycle can
  3, continuous exercise can
  4, the project count can
  5, speed adjustment can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  6, the delay of each part can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  7, printing speed 1000 times / hour
  8, the largest frame 250mmX400mm
  9, the maximum printing area 180*260
  10, the frame up and down stroke 160mm
  11, scraper left and right stroke 260mm
  12, scraper, oil scrape up and down stroke 25mm
  13, drive pneumatic
  14, control system, microcomputer
  15, control voltage 12VDC
  16, power supply voltage 220VAC / 1 phase
  17, connection load 20W
  18, pneumatic supply 6bar
  19, air consumption / cycle 2.1L
  20, body dimensions 720mm X 760mm X 1680mm
   21, weight 170Kg
Machine operation safety performance:
    The HS260R screen printing machine meets the latest engineering style and is absolutely reliable if used on request.
    The machine is equipped with an emergency switch: when the emergency switch is pressed in case of emergency, the machine will be powered off immediately. Going back to the starting position, when things are handled, the emergency switch is turned off and the safe start can be restored.
      But in the following situations, it is still possible to cause danger!
 (1) When the machine needs to be moved or repaired, the power source and air source must be cut off.
 (2) When adjusting or cleaning the oil scraper, follow the steps.
 (3) Enhance fire prevention awareness and equip fire equipment.


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