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Hengjin Company VCR    BEST REGARDS TO YOUR AND YOUR FAMILYLexus International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.Dongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.Business Miss Han 18922925913 QQ: 718391398Tel: 0769-85091448Fax: 0769-82799433Http://www.hj7689.comHttp:// Http://www.tampocn.comE-mail: hj7689@163.comNo. 12, Lane 7, Minchang Road, Nanzha District, Humen Town, Dongguan CityBusiness scope: pad printing machine (1-8 color, oil slick oil pan turntable shuttle manual oil pan oil shovel pad printing machine)Sc...
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You in Choose printing machinery When you encounter the following
With the program, I do not knowWhich brand is good,How to choose it?
The same function, the same service, the price is too expensive,There is no more affordableIt?
Buy product, installed after,Service is the key。The warranty period is short, service outlets less, m
Hengjin Printing Machinery solves the above problems for you
According to your needs,To provide you with the most suitable products

Dongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of screen printing machines, pad printing machines and inks to ensure that every detail is perfect. We serve a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises, know the characteristics of various products, and choose the best and best for your products.

Factory direct sales to maximize your benefits

Hengjin produces and sells itself, eliminating the need for intermediate links, maximizing profits to customers, and really saving you. According to the needs of customers, we carry out professional design and keep pace with the times. We pay close attention to the development of the most advanced technologies in the domestic and international industries, and introduce them to meet the production of different industries in various situations.

Improve the service system, one-stop service, no subcontracting, no subcontracting,
Resolutely guarantee the quality of the machine

With firm belief and unremitting efforts and Hengjin's nearly ten years of machine manufacturing experience, Hengjin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has continued to grow, with Dongguan as the main sales window, and has set up distribution points in Yiwu and Shenzhen. Lingzhi International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong to facilitate the purchase of foreign customers.


Eight core strengths

  • brand powerbrand power

    2012 China Printing Industry Alliance “Top Ten Leading Brands”

  • Core patentCore patent

    67 patents, it accounted for more than 50%

  • Sales toSales to

    With exports in 3 years won the first 33 years Kuangxiao about 1000000 units

  • R & D strengthR & D strength

    Has developed 8 categories, 63 series 360 first share specifications

  • Client witnessClient witness

    More than 1 million European and American families witness Hengjin Printing

  • Quality assuranceQuality assurance

    9 years of quality witness, the international standard ......

  • sophisticated technologysophisticated technology

    2012 China heat pump industry alliance, the ten leading brands"

  • Service guaranteeService guarantee

    R & D, production, sales and service in one, full of worry

Hengjin printing machinery quality and after-sales service 10 guarantees
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Hengjin Printing Machinery - Printing Machinery Engineering Brand
Dongguan Hengjin Printing MachineryDongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery

Since its establishment in Dongguan in 2002, Dongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and development of professional pad printing machines and screen printing machines. Looking back on this 24 years of the century, our standard and special printing systems are used in a wide range of industries around the world: plastics, electronics,...[detailed]

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How to choose a pad printerHow to choose a pad printer

The pad printing machine can provide a fine pattern printing effect and is widely used in industrial production. However, how to choose a printing machine that meets the printing r...View details

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